About Goal Digger Network

We are a group of professionals who have come together for Career and Personal Development. We are passionate about developing our leadership potentials and leveraging each other’s knowledge, expertise, and experiences to improve ourselves to become valuable members of our organizations and society at large.

Our Vision

To develop conscious leaders who will make a difference at work and in life.

Who We Are

We are a diverse group of intentional individuals; career professionals (Entry, Mid & Senior-level), and entrepreneurs who have come together seeking opportunities to learn in order to take our careers and businesses to a higher level.


What you get access to as members of GDPN

Build Quality Network and Increase your Social Capital

Get Timely and Useful Industry Updates, Trends, Research or Innovations

Skills Upgrade and Capacity Development Programmes


Mentorship, and Coaching and Sponsorship

Goal Digger Marketplace

Access to Career Advancing Resources, and Events

Other benefits of membership

We offer growth and development opportunities through various seminars (or webinars), courses, learning sessions, annual workshops, conferences, book reviews and recommendations, and daily updates. Through all of these, members can broaden their knowledge, deepen and strengthen their skills, and develop in-demand skills.

Our website is enriched with a wholesome catalogue of resources open exclusively to our registered members. Our members also enjoy discounted access to events, quality research and commentary on career issues, and peer consultations on unique challenges and generating meaningful feedbacks.

Our Regular Events

Annual Career workshop
Book Review Session
Annual Goal Setting Workshop
Quarterly Networking Opportunities
Quarterly Knowledge Sharing System with Industry Experts
Monthly Knowledge Sharing Session

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